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PSQ DryClean is a new concept in the market of drycleaning business.

Excellent quality and service are usually the exact opposite of a satisfactory price, but we offer the maximum quality at the minimum price.

PSQ DryClean is a new force of drycleaning. Small stores and old stores use old machinery that reuses solvent over and over again. Thus after each load, more and more filth and dirt is deposited into the solvent. Pretty soon, instead of getting cleaner, the clothes going into the machine start to actually get dirtier. PSQ DryClean uses the most recent technology, machines that boil solvent after every load to make sure that the solvent does not have any filth in it. The solvent is as good as new, and your clothes get cleaned. We’ve also continued investment in new pressing equipments.

PSQ DryClean offers both high quality if you need it, and a low price for your everyday clothes.



Libertyville, Mundelein, Vernon Hills, Buffalo Grove, Long Grove, Lake Forest, Green Oaks, Indian Creek

How it works!

Pick Up

Schedule on

Free Pick Up & Delivery

on your order above $30.


Relax while we expertly

process your clothes.


We’ll return your

clothes the next day.

All you have to do

is put them away!

Just leave Your laundry and dry cleaning on your door steps and PSQ will return with door hang hooks and plastic bags

PSQ DryClean is different from other drycleaners.

We will even clean a garment multiple times with no extra charge to achieve the best quality.  We guarantee our quality or your money back.